Canpro HR services offers employee testing using Sigma Assessment products. These tests will help you find the most suitable candidates for job openings.

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Vancouver: Psychological testing for employees
Calgary: Psychological testing for employees

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Psychological Honesty Testing

In a corporation, your employees are your biggest assets.  Canpro HRservices uses Sigma Assessment products to help companies hire and retain employees most suitable for the job. 

Assessments provide a consistent standard of hiring and an objective means by which the most qualified candidates are selected.  We help identify applicants who are less prone to be involved in counter-productive incidents and have a higher degree of work ethic.

By using HR assessments you can optimize the interview process, make the right hiring decision and improve the accuracy of your selection through:

  • Testing Applicant Attitudes
  • Assessing Suitability for the Position
  • Identifying Specific Employee Characteristics



The Employee Screening Questionnaire version 2 (ESQ2) is a personality-based selection measure designed to provide employers with an efficient and effective method for identifying superior job candidates. The ESQ2 measures employees' propensity to engage in both positive as well as counterproductive work behaviors.  

The Employee Screening Questionnaire 2 (ESQ2) is one of the simplest ways to lower hiring costs and take pressure off your over-extended recruiting team. Clients using the ESQ2 pre-employment selection test have experienced dramatic cost savings through reducing: 

  • Cost per Hire by over 67%
  • Theft by over 80%
  • Turnover by over 50%
  • Workplace Injuries by 76%


The ESQ2 does this by: 

  • ‘Identifying top candidates early in the hiring process’
  • ‘Screening out problem candidates before they become your problem’
  • ‘Reserving interviews and high cost hiring techniques for top candidates’
  • ‘Enhancing the objectivity and consistency of your hiring process’



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